Laura Hendricks


Laura joined the BCA team in February 2020, and despite moving back to California, she remains a part of the team providing remote parent training. Laura started working with children with developmental disabilities in 2006 at a multidisciplinary clinic in Texas. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and briefly worked in a rehabilitation clinic before becoming a RBT and returning to work with children with ASD. Laura earned a Master’s degree in Professional Behavior Analysis from the Florida Institute of Technology and has been a BCBA since February 2018.

Laura has provided ABA services across a variety of settings including home, school, clinic, and telehealth. She initially provided Early Intervention services in California, with clients as young as under 2 years of age, but has worked with clients up to the age of 18. Laura has always had a passion for working with children with developmental disabilities and continues to grow that passion into providing support for the families.

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