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We offer on site Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology in collaboration with Creative Hands Occupational Therapy and Port City Speech.

Our Facilities

BCA’s center based program provides intensive behavioral intervention to preschool and school-aged children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in an enriching, sensory-friendly environment. The goals of center based therapy services consist of the development of communication and social interaction skills and the reduction of challenging behaviors.

Center based services are unique because they are conducted in a structured setting with daily opportunities for facilitated peer play and socialization. Our effective ABA programming blends discrete-trial procedures with a variety of other ABA methods including natural environment teaching, chaining to teach skills involving sequences of steps, and Instructional trials embedded in ongoing activities. There is a heavy emphasis on making learning enjoyable and on engaging the learner in positive social interactions.

At the BCA Centers, learners are supervised by a BCBA daily, allowing for continuous evaluation of their progress and adjustment of goals to keep them challenged and learning using the principles of positive reinforcement!

Skills we address at our centers:

· Language and Communication

· Social Skills and Social Development

· Play Skills

· Motor Skills

· Attending and Imitating

· School readiness for those entering kindergarten

· Functional Life Skills

· Feeding skills

· Toileting

· Reduction of maladaptive behaviors including aggression and tantrums

Family Consultation

Using the consultation model, we provide parent and teacher consultations in behavior management strategies based on the principles of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). We show families how to manage challenging behaviors most effectively in order to decrease their future occurrence. Following family interviews and observing the child in his natural environment, one of our BCBAs works side by side with caregivers to demonstrate how to reduce a child’s motivation to engage in problem behaviors, and how to increase a more appropriate way to communicate his or her needs.

School Consultation

Behavioral Consulting for Autism offers ABA services and consultation for individuals in their public and private school settings, and are available to contract with schools who are seeking ABA services or consultation.

Services we offer include:

IEP Development & Consultation

Functional Behavior Assessments

Behavior Plan Development

ABA Delivered in Academic and Social Settings

Parent Training

Staff Training & Professional Development Opportunities

Classroom Consultation

Now servicing three locations!